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Goddess Spa Experience Kit

Pink Candle - Use the power of candle therapy to focus your intention. Article available

Pink Energy Blend - This divine blend includes Rose oil with Palmarosa - two powerful oils that are known to nurture to the body, mind & spirit.

Himalayan Salt - Holds the pink vibration and is ideal for replenishing and softening your skin.

Goddess Spa Checklist:

√ Draw a tepid bath water

√ Sprinkle packet of Himalaya salts into your water

√ Drop several drop of Pink Energy Blend into your bath

√ Play some loving music

√ Light the Pink Candle and turn off lights

√ Slip into your heavenly aromatic bath fit for a queen

Recommended Accessories: 

Love is in the Air Roll-on & Diffuser MixUnconditional Love SprayPink Rose Quartz Bracelet, Pink Colour Bath