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How To Balance Your Root Chakra - Your Red Intelligence

Your first Energy Centre controls your physical reality, health and vitality. This centre is called your Root Chakra, or as we call it: Your Red Intelligence centre. Without an understanding of your Red Intelligence you don’t have the ability to acquire and apply the knowledge and skills necessary to be healthy and confident. 

The importance of your Root is to support you in all that you do. If this Chakra is weak or imbalanced you will feel ungrounded, insecure, unsafe, unmotivated, physically weak and disconnected from life. 

Only a positive Red Intelligence can keep you united with your life force and give you the power and strength to handle anything that comes your way, good or bad. If your roots go deep into the earth, you can weather any storm. Without solid roots your tree can easily topple. 

How well you treat and feed your Root Chakra is how well you survive and thrive. Without good vitality, from your base up your spine to your brain, your chakra system cannot be balanced. Red Energy encourages a positive and a strong physical body, sensible mind and a soul that exists on earth. You cannot grow spiritually if you are not living life in your soul’s house. 

Without a healthy root your well-being, as well as your other chakras, will not be properly supported. It all begins in the Root Chakra. You are birthed through the Root Chakra and your “Red” body provides you the home and shelter for your essence to exist in this world. You are put on this earth to have a physical spiritual experience and in order to do so you have keep your Root Chakra strong with the vibration of Red wavelength.

As your body’s owner you need to provide both your physical and energetic bodies the energy that it needs to live a good life. All of the essentials of life feed your body, mind and spirit starting with sunlight that solarizes your cells to the food you eat and the water you drink. These basic elements supply your body with nutrition and energy so that your organs can function and your electromagnetic field can expand outwards and protect you.

There is many things that you can do to contribute to charging your being with good energy. The basic essentials of life are: 

Sunlight: Stimulates your complete endocrine system.
Food: Everyday you need to meet the minimum daily requirement of nutrition for good health.
Water: Your body is 70% water and your brain over 90%. Your body uses water as a cleaning agent to help flush out toxins.
Exercise: Helps circulate blood and oxygen through the body, promoting muscle activity and aiding in your neurological integrations.
Sleep: Provides your body a rest period to heal & recharge. 
Oxygen: Is necessary for your heart action and is your breath of life.
Ways to Balance Your Root Chakra
Kick-start your day with Red vibration to get you going! Red energy is the most stimulating of all the colour frequencies. Supercharge this Intelligence centre with red fuel and keep your Root Chakra healthy:

RED Foods: Protein, cherries, cranberries, raspberries, strawberries, watermelon, beets, red peppers, radishes, tomatoes
RED Essential Oils: Cinnamon, Clove, Juniper, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Vetiver, Ylang Ylang
Colour Energy RED Aromatherapy: Red Energy Blend, Chi-Energy Blend, Get Up & Go Blend & Mix
Colour Energy RED Essences: Crystal Light Spiritual Spray, Chakra Light Essence and Massage Oil, Kundalini Spray
Gemstones: Bloodstone, Garnet, Red Jasper, Red Tiger’s Eye, Ruby
Yoga: Hatha, Kundalini, Hot
Meditation: Play Colour Energy’s Through the Chakras CD, which is a guided meditation or create your own guided meditation balancing treatment.

Simple Root Chakra Meditation. 
To connect with your Root Chakra (pubic bone area/base of spine) during meditation, visualize the colour Red while taking long, slow and deep breaths. Picture your roots going into the earth, cording your body to the planet. Feel your Red Intelligence centre in balance and that you are safe and protected. Envision your body strong and healthy.

At the end of the visualization, slowly chant the mantra seed sound: “Lam-Lam-Lam” over and over again for 1-2 minutes.

10 Minute Root Chakra Balancing Treatment. 
Integrate several modalities into this easy to-do self-healing session.

Allot yourself 10-15 minutes to complete this Root Chakra Therapy. This treatment empowers your body, mind and spirit with one vibration so that all your wishes that pertain to your improving and balancing your Red Intelligence and Root Chakra can be actualized. It is important to know that to increase an Energy Centre takes time and consciousness. 
First find a quiet place where you can either lie down or sit in a comfortable position. Make sure any tools that you desire to be part of the chakra balancing are close at hand; remove any lids on products for ease of application. Items we recommend to enhance your Root Chakra balancing experience are:

Red Gemstones: Colour Energy offers a Chakra kit of stones to assist the balancing of each chakra. Our Crystal Light Therapy Set also includes two grounding stones and two quartz crystals for balancing your polarities. In our stone kits we include the Red Tiger’s Eye for the Root Chakra. 

Red Aromatherapy: Essential oils will enhance a treatment. Make sure that any pure oils are cut with a carrier for safe application on more sensitive chakra points. Colour Energy’s Red, Chi-Energy and Get Up & Go Blends are premixed with Jojoba oil and are ready to use. Each blend contains a selection of Red essential oils for a stronger synergistic effect. Do not use pure oils on your body as some oils can burn the skin.

Red Crystal Light, Kundalini and Aura Cleanser Sprays: We recommend using Aura Cleanser to clean any tools such as your gemstones. Crystals especially will absorb distortions from your energy field. Additionally, Aura Cleanser clears your aura from lower frequencies. Therefore, both before and after any treatment you should clean your crystals. Cleansing your aura and tools before the chakra balancing will encourage a stronger treatment as any hindrances in your field or tools will be released. 

Use the Crystal Light and Kundalini spray directly on your “red” crystal and your chakra area to both program the gemstone and to amplify the intention of Red Chakra meditation. Now you are ready to start the treatment.

Once you have prepared your space and body, mind & spirit for the energy intake, anoint your chakra point with a Red aromatherapy blend. Place the charged gemstone on your anointed Root Chakra region. Recite any red statements or words that you want to integrate into your being. 

For example, a powerful affirmation that you can recite for your Root Chakra is: 
“I exist and I have the right to have what I need and confidence to manifest all of my dreams into reality. I am safe and secure in who I am and the relationship I have with my body. I am who I am. I love all of me! I am.”

As well, you can play Colour Energy’s Through the Chakras Guided Meditation CD, which will take you on a nine minute chakra balancing journey. The CD will guide you to consciously activate your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of your Red Root, while teaching more about each chakra.

After you have connected to your Root Chakra and feel that it is balanced, thank the Holy Spirit for assisting you in your healing treatment.

To learn more about colours, chakra & auras visit our YouTube Channel or sign up for one of our exciting classes. 
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