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Prosperity Bracelets

For centuries, gems and crystals have been used for the purpose of enhancing many personal attributes and to assist with energy transformation. Each gem is said to have distinct properties that correspond to an energy centre and that helps influence different areas of your life such as love, success, intuition, health and much more.

You'll love the saturated hues and elegance of our round bracelets. These quality natural stones are beaded on a durable elastic stretch cord. They are also versatile enough to adapt to a wide variety of looks. In terms of technique, our bracelets can be used to inject an unexpected pop of colour into an outfit. 

Each bracelet comes with an information card and velvet pouch.

Directions: Allow your inner guidance to help you choose the bracelet that will assist you that day or towards your goal. You can effortlessly stack a variety of colours together on your wrist to create a look that is completely unique to you or that would indicate your energy needs at the time.

Recommendations Accessories: Rub on a few drops of an Energy Blend onto the bracelet to initiate a higher vibration of energy. Or wear the corresponding Colour Therapy Glasses to amp up your personal frequency of the moment.

Colour Signature & Gemstone: Red - Jasper
Key Attributes: Grounding, Protection & Courage

Colour Signature & Gemstone:Orange - Carnelian
Key Attributes: Joy, Happiness & Humour

Colour Signature & Gemstone:Yellow - Tiger's Eye
Key Attributes: Focus, Self-Confidence & Optimism

Colour Signature & Gemstone:Green - Aventurine
Key Attributes: Love, Compassion & Peace

Colour Signature & Gemstone:Blue - Sodalite
Key Attributes: Trust, Loyalty & Communication

Colour Signature & Gemstone:Indigo - Amethyst
Key Attributes: Meditation, Intuition & Empathy

Colour Signature & Gemstone:Violet - Clear Quartz Crystal
Key Attributes: Inspiration, Creativity & Higher Wisdom

Colour Signature & Gemstone:Turquoise - Turquoise
Key Attributes: Healing, Friendship & Harmony

Colour Signature & Gemstone:Pink - Rose Quartz
Key Attributes: Universal Love, Romance & Divinity