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Colour Your Mood™, 10ml Roll-ons

 Colour Energy's mood enhancing aromatherapy blends have been created to support the body, mind and spirit on multiple levels. 

Colour Energy's Mood Blends are all natural colour-coded formulas and free from additives, alcohols, chemical fragrances and preservatives that were made to create a specific ambience in the air. These powerful recipes contain 100% therapeutic essential oils in a base of Organic Jojoba.

Get Up & Go: Need that extra kick-start to your day? This aromatherapy cocktail is sure to excite you. The delicate yet empowering blend of oils will rev up your root centre so you feel strong enough to face any kind of day. Apply to your base chakra and soles of your feet. Roll-up your spine to raise your life force.

Colour Signature: Red

Ingredients: Essential oils of Orange, Lime, Ylang Ylang, Cinnamon and Lemon in a base of Organic Jojoba

Garden of Eden: This alluring blend was created to enhance a state of great euphoria and take you to a place of paradise. Deeply inhale this sensually stimulating aroma to arouse the feelings of desire and pleasure. Dab a few drops on your neck and wrists. 

Colour Signature: Orange

Ingredients: Essential oils of Orange, Cedarwood, Neroli and Vanilla in a base of Organic Jojoba

Smarty Pants: Awaken your mind power with this uplifting and invigorating blend of oils. This mentally delicious aroma will alert your brain to help amplify your memory abilities and yellow intellectual brilliance.

Colour Signature: Yellow

Ingredients: Essential oils of Grapefruit, Lemon, Bergamot, Champa and Litsea Cubeba

Forest Fantasy: Instantly take a walk in nature by using this blend. Connect with Mother Nature and relax. This delightful scent is sure to nurture your body, mind and spirit. Apply to your heart chakra for balance.

Colour Signature: Green

Ingredients: Essential oils of Eucalyptus, Lemon, Spearmint, Pine and Champa in a base of Organic Jojoba

Sweet Serenity: Tranquility in a bottle. Use this delicate blend when you wish to create a peaceful and serene environment. The freshness of oils will quiet your mind and help you to forget about any troubles or stresses. Reconnect to your inner sanctuary.

Colour Signature: Blue

Ingredients: Essential oils of Geranium, Bergamot, Spruce and Blue Chamomile in a base of Organic Jojoba

Soul Purpose: Strengthen the connection to your higher self and tap into your soul purpose. When this awe-inspiring blend, your mind will naturally quiet so you can go deep within yourself to find answers to your life's path. Rub a drop on your brow chakra to awaken it.

Colour Signature: Indigo

Ingredients: Essential oils of Champa, Lavender, Frankincense, Myrrh and Jasmine in a base of Organic Jojoba

A-U-M: Enhance your meditation and prayers with this angelic blend of sacred oils. Be one with your divine deity and experience a higher state of consciousness by fostering a spiritual space of gratitude.

Colour Signature: Violet

Ingredients: Essential oils of Lavender, Champa, Camphor, Jasmine and Frankincense in a base of Organic Jojoba

Metamorphosis: Transform yourself by inhaling the aroma. Change is good if it inspires you to reach your full potential. Learn to spread your wings and become the beautiful butterfly you were meant to be. Rub a few drops onto your thymus area.

Colour Signature: Turquoise

Ingredients: Essential oils of Rosalina, Lemon, Lime, Lemongrass and Clary Sage in a base of Organic Jojoba

Love Is in the Air: Enhance the romance by creating an alluring ambiance. These seducing oils will help escalate the love vibe in any relationship. Unite with your soulmate and enjoy a heartfelt intimate evening. Use when needing a dose of self-love.

Colour Signature: Pink

Ingredients: Ingredients: Essential oils of Bergamot, Palmarosa, Sandalwood and Rose in a base of Organic Jojoba

Yoga: Use this blend to enhance your ability to observe, quietly contemplate and pray. The oils contained in this recipe help relax the spirit and return you to a state of optimum health and happiness.

Colour Signature: Orange

Ingredients: Essential oils of Orange, Rosewood, Champa, Patchouli and Neroli in a base of Organic Jojoba

Relax & Renew: Inhale this unwinding aroma to help you regroup and refresh your energy. The oils used in this blend will enliven and sooth your body, mind, spirit and soul. Apply liberally on areas of stress to soothe and loosen up any tightness.

Colour Signature: Blue

Ingredients: Essential oils of Lavender, Clary Sage, Bergamot and Frankincense in a base of Organic Jojoba

White Light: Use this incredible mix daily and reap the benefit of White Light. Created by our team of colour and aromatherapy experts, this mix is sure to please all your senses. Raise your personal vibration by balancing all your chakras simultaneously and in a safe manner. Use to attract abundance, prosperity, good health and wealth into your life.

Colour Signature: All colours

Ingredients: Essential oils of Bergamot, Orange, Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit, Lavender, Camphor, Frankincense, Petitgrain, Cedarwood, Champa, Rose, Neroli, Sandalwood, Geranium and Rosalina in a base of Organic Jojoba

Rainbow PowerUse this incredible blend daily and reap the benefit of the rainbow's power. Created by our team of colour and aromatherapy experts, this oil blend is sure to please all your senses. Envision the colours of the spectrum recharging your body, mind and spirit with its vibrant vitality. Apply to each chakra point for complete balancing.

Colour Signature: All colours

Ingredients: Essential oils of Orange, Lemon, Lime, Champa, Vanilla, Myrrh and Jasmine in a base of Organic Jojoba


  • Apply to wrists to smell easily during the day; to remind you of your intention
  • Apply to nape of neck as an all natural body fragrance
  • Anoint chakra points to balance that energy centre
  • Roll onto finger tips and apply to soles of feet for grounding in that energy.
  • Apply where you feel needed on any body part – use your intuition!
  • Pop off roller top and apply 10-20 drops to your bath water or foot soak for a combined enhanced water and colour therapy treatment
  • Add 10-20 drops to 1/4 cup healing salts for a deep therapeutic bath or body scrub

Directions: To empower your sense of well being, apply directly to the skin as a fragrance and pick-me-up. Envision the power of the Mood Blends creating the state of mind or feeling that you want at that moment. Apply any Colour Your Mood Blend, anytime of the day that you desire the intended experience.

Add several drops of your favourite Therapeutic Blend to a healing salt and/or Colour Bath® to create a pampering aroma and colour therapy home spa experience.

Recommended Accessories:Colour Bath,Dead Sea Salt,Epsom Salt,Pink Himalayan Salt,Andean Salt