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Colour Energy is committed to your well being!

Our most important energy source is light, and the entire spectrum of colours is derived from light. Sunlight, which contains all the wavelengths, consists of the entire electromagnetic spectrum that we depend on to exist on this planet.

Light flows through our eyes and triggers hormone production, which influences our entire complex biochemical system. This biochemical system then affects our being. And light does not travel alone. Light travels with other energies as well.

We know that each colour found in the visible light spectrum has its own wavelength and its own frequency, which produces a specific energy and has a nutritive effect. We know some rays can be dangerous if we are exposed to them. But the visible light, the rainbow, has a soothing and healing effect on us.

Inger Naess, Founder of Colour Energy®

Inger Naess first became aware of the role colour plays in our lives when she was a kindergarten teacher. Inger realized that the different personalities of the children in her classes corresponded to the different energies of the seven main colours. For several years, Inger studied, in depth, the history of colour and the effects of colour on people. 

In 1988, Inger developed Colour Bath® as an alternative energy source to the sun's natural energy rays. Inger felt that because our body is mainly comprised of water and our body feels comfortable in it, colour bathing would be a wonderful way to reap the benefits of colour energy. Further enhancing a colour vibration through our various senses completes the body, mind & soul experience.

Throughout or life we need various energies to help keep us balanced physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.We must continuously absorb different colour energies to maintain a sense of wellbeing. So by understanding how colours affect us, we will achieve harmony in our everyday life. This is a philosophy Inger lives by and continues to teach about through this website, her Colour Energy Personality Test and her educational programs.

We care about you from the inside out, and the outside in

At Colour Energy we teach you how your personal vibrations reflects who you are on the inside. These colour wavelengths represent your personality, which is emanated outwards to others and the world. 
Every aspect of your being is expressed in a form of colour energies. How you support yourself both externally and internally influences your energy and creates your reality. In essence, the signals that you send out is what you attract.
Our colour philosophy encompasses a true holistic approach on how you can support your energies physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually. What you feed your body, whether nutritionally or in the way of thoughts, becomes a part of “hue" you are. The energy that you take in shifts your own personal frequencies, whether positively or negatively. 
The natural tools that we offer are designed to keep your energy in balance, naturally. Our various products stimulate different senses to evoke a sensory experience that will deepen your body, mind and soul connection. Furthermore, our product and concept education will help you to manage your energy in the way that you need it to be guided.
After all, who is better to balance your colour energies than you!

Our quality products

Colour Energy prides itself in developing energy tools that are pure in its intended vibration. What this means is that we don’t cross contaminate colour energies (unless the intended purpose needs certain important ingredients to further amplify the formula). For example, our Red Energy Blend only contains the essential oils that are red in nature. Thus, the blend is unadulterated and uncontaminated in the red vibration, ensuring its success to work energetically in the way it should.
As well, we source pure quality ingredients that are organic, ethically derived and free of chemicals, parabens and sulphates. Our products are not tested on animals, generally hypoallergenic and safe for children and the elderly as well as all skin and hair types.
We strive to be the best supplier for all your Colour Energy and bath and body care needs. We look forward to serving your for many years to come!
Colour Energy Corporation (CEC) is a company that has been providing consumers with education and products all around the world since 1988.. The founder of the Colour Energy concept, and the power behind the development of the line of Colour Bath® products for personal wellness, is a former kindergarten teacher named Inger Naess. The Colour Energy concept is based on a complete analysis of the influences of the seven primary colours and their relation to aspects of personality and wellness.