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Unconditional Love Essence Spray

The sharing of love is the most fundamental alchemy of life. Combining love and wisdom is the essence of compassion–Unconditional Love.

This loving essence helps to build one's self-confidence and nurtures a good relationship with oneself as well as with others. The beautiful pink vibration aids the release of guilt, aggression and anger through encouraging self-worth and self-love. Helps us to be at one with all creation.

Spray Essence Directions: Spray 2-3 mists several inches above your head and inhale the beautiful aroma as you affirm your intentions.

Roll-On Essence Directions:Apply Unconditional Love in the shape of a heart over your love centre or on your wrists 1-3 times daily. Allow the Universal Love energy to fill your heart with its magnificent nurturing pink ray. Affirm that you are love and are connected to the cosmic vibration of love.

Ingredients: Demineralized Water (spray only), Deb 96, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, Food Dyes. Unconditional Love incorporates the living energies of specialty herbs and essential oils charged with the healing power of crystalline structures and coded information from flowers, geometric patterns, cosmic vibrations, planetary frequencies and colour – making it a very high vibrational healing tool!

Recommended Accessories: Guardian Angel, Chakra Light Essences, Crystal Light Spiritual Sprays