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The Ritual of Cleansing Your Aura

Why Cleanse Your Aura?

Your aura emanates the totality of your being. Your whole life including your history, your mental and physical health, your personality (the essence of who you are both consciously and unconsciously), your mood, existing blockages, precursors to any mind, body and spirit disruptions... everything shows itself in your aura.

Your aura is part of you and it travels with your wherever you go. Your aura keeps your atoms intact and your body physical matter. Without an aura you would not exist. You are reliant on your aura!
If your aura is damaged you will know it or feel it in some way. You may feel ungrounded or you may have health issues. You may feel disempowered and have a hard time with participating in life. There are many symptoms that can be felt when your aura is weak.

Cleansing your aura should be part of your daily ritual. It is simple to do and can save your vitality from becoming weaker over time. Your aura is bombarded daily from outside influences, which can lead to your aura becoming unstable. 
Overuse of the internet causes major stress in your aura. As we sit in front of the computer or with our cell phone glued to our ears, the invisible lower frequencies interfere with our own electromagnetic field. It’s a catch-22 as we use our computer and our cell phones for business and to connect to our family and friends, even when we know that these tools increase damage to our aura. 
Other things that affect our aura are ultraviolet and infrared waves, X-rays, radio waves, microwaves, other people’s negativity, environmental factors, poor air quality, lack of good nutrition and water to name a few. By cleansing your aura a few times a day will make you feel lighter and your aura brighter as the Aura Cleanser is intended to transmute and release any lower frequencies that are hindering you from being the real you. 

Tips On Cleansing Your Aura:

• Spray above you head and inhale the molecules of the Aura Cleanser. 
• Envision the Aura Cleanser blessing your body, mind and spirit with its healing vibrations.
• In your minds eye see any dark spots disappearing.
• Imagine the your aura expanding and sparkling brilliantly. 
• If you feel that you need to spray more, do so. 
• You can spray each chakra directly or any other area that you feel might need additional purifying.
• Aura Cleanser is a great space purifier at home, in the office or even on an airplane! Take it with you wherever you go!