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Skin Renew 10ml Roll-on

Colour Energy’s symptom specific Therapeutic Blends are proven to assist and alleviate certain chakra ailments. These powerful recipes contain 30% therapeutic essential oils to 70% organic Jojoba.

All Colour Energy aromatherapy formulas are free from additives, alcohols, fragrances and preservatives. Ready to use in a compact 10ml/.35oz bottle with roll-on applicator, which are ideal to put in a pocket, purse or while traveling. 

Skin Renew
Helps nourish and rejuvenate the skin. This luxurious blend is excellent for cell and tissue regeneration. Use on scars, burns, blemishes and other skin problems.Renews the body, mind & spirit!

Colour Signature: Pink
 Essential oils of Ho Wood, Carrot Seed & Rose Otto in a base of organic jojoba


  • Apply to wrists to smell easily during the day; to remind you of your intention
  • Apply to nape of neck as an all natural body fragrance
  • Anoint chakra points to balance that energy centre
  • Roll onto finger tips and apply to soles of feet for grounding in that energy.
  • Apply where you feel needed on any body part – use your intuition!
  • Pop off roller top and apply 10-20 drops to your bath water or foot soak for a combined enhanced water and colour therapy treatment
  • Add 10-20 drops to 1/4 cup healing salts for a deep therapeutic bath or body scrub

Directions: To empower your sense of well being, apply directly to the skin as a fragrance and pick-me-up. Envision the power of the Therapeutic Blends creating the state of mind or feeling that you want at that moment. Apply any Therapeutic Blend, anytime of the day that you desire the intended experience.

Add several drops (by taking off the roller tips) of your favourite Therapeutic Blend to a healing salt and/or Colour Bath® to create a pampering aroma and colour therapy home spa experience.